SLEVET (Student driven Leadership Skills Development Programme in VET Schools)

SLEVET initiative is aimed to elaborate LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME for developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills, attitudes and mindset of students in VET schools. The innovation elements of this programme: Peer to Peer coaching and Peer to Peer training are applied; teachers are Facilitators; it involves real entrepreneurs; students gain experience as Leaders in real situations.
Our specific objectives are:

  • to create, apply, test and disseminate Student-driven Leadership Skills Development Programme in VET Schools;

  • to promote the SLEVET approach across professional teachers’ communities in our countries and Europe;-

  • to develop and launch sustainability plan for SLEVET Training KIT exploitation beyond project lifetime and across Europe by October 2020.

Target groups:
  • VET students
  • VET teachers
Main activities:
  • short-term trainings for students and teachers
  • SLEVET programme piloting and dissemination

The consortium expects the following project results:

  • Prepared students from higher grades who are on the threshold of the labor market for leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors.

  • Improved learning results of younger students; developed social skills and potential to be leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors.

  • Prepared teachers for facilitators of extracurricular activities, to be more adequate for the above listed processes.

  • Developed guides, programmes and instruments for the implementation of the above and ensuring sustainability by applying the approach after the project`s end.

  • Promoting social entrepreneurship as a tool for the modernization of VET.